Canvas shoes will never go out of style!

It is perfect for everyday use, especially for summer outings. Dunlop Volley, now just known as Volley, is a popular sandshoe brand, and Newcastle Footwear carries Volley and Dunlop International brands for men, women, and kids.

What are Volley shoes?

The Volley shoes were first introduced in Australia in 1939 as a tennis shoe. It was made of canvas and thermoplastic rubber soles. The original design of the white canvas pair changed little since. New designs and styles came out, but the classic 1970’s version of the shoes is still a must have.

Volleys are more than just tennis shoes!

Now a pair of Volleys is not just used in tennis courts. Canvas sneakers and shoes are becoming fashion staples that can go with your every outfit, from jeans to summer dresses. Complete your street style and casual yet chic look with a pair of these classic shoes.

Volley Heritage International

This original Volley shoes features the brand’s original outsole, with extras soft rubber grip. It is comfortable and perfect for a day out with family and friends.

Volley Heritage Classic

Volley Classic has been taken back to its original form, taking inspiration from the mighty International but with a twist.

There is a pair of Volley shoes for every member of your family!

Volley has a pair for the youngest member of your family to the adults. The brand offers a wide range of sizes from baby and toddler sizes, kids sizes, women’s, and men’s.

Looking for Volleys in Newcastle? Shop at Newcastle Footwear today! We are open seven days a week to serve you and we offer Volleys in different sizes, colours, and styles. Have fun shopping!