Gum boots

Gumboots are a staple for every family in Newcastle!

From the kids to the adults, everyone should own a pair (or more!) of these durable boots. More than just gardening and farming boots, gumboots are perfect for keeping your feet dry and safe. At Newcastle Footwear, we have the perfect pair of gumboots for every member of your family!

Why buy a pair of gumboots?

Unlike those cheap boots that are made from PVC and other plastic materials, gumboots are made of rubber. Gumboots may look like an unassuming pair of footwear, but they are:

  • Flexible
  • Tough
  • Waterproof
  • Weatherproof
  • Sanitary
  • Durable

The strength and durability of gumboots make them the perfect and ultimate pair for those who garden and slosh in the mud. They are also perfect for the wet and rainy seasons, to keep your feet warm and dry. But don’t be fooled! Firemen, surgeons, fishermen, and farmers alike use these boots on the job! Gumboots nowadays also come in different colours and designs, making them fun and fashionable to wear, especially for the little girls and chic women!

Choose your new pair of gumboots at Newcastle Footwear!

At Newcastle Footwear, we carry different brands and styles of gumboots to suit your needs and preferences, available all year round! From the little boys and girls, to the hardworking dads and busy mums, Newcastle Footwear got your gumboots needs (and wants!) covered.

Choose from many different colours, styles, and designs, and find the perfect gumboots for you. We have the following brands available:

  • Baxters
  • Bogs
  • Rockport
  • Thomas Cook
  • Raben
  • Blundstone
  • UGG

Newcastle Footwear is open 7 days a week to serve you and your family. We offer a wide range of boots from popular brands to cater your needs. Do not fall into the trap of cheap gumboots that will fall apart in just a few months’ use. We only carry authentic and quality gumboots that will surely last a long time. Come and visit us now!