Men’s Shoes

You can say a lot about a man just by looking at his dapper shoes!

Interestingly, men are considered to be less detail-oriented compared to women. They only care about the perfect combination of shirt, trousers, and jacket. Only a few will take note of looking for high quality Newcastle footwear.

Dare to be different with men’s shoes from Newcastle Footwear

Men who wear a stylish pair of shoes break away from the stereotype. This is an indication that they are sophisticated and have an eye for detail. Men who have this quality will find it easier to be successful in any endeavour, may it be in career or personal relationships.

Newcastle Footwear offers a wide variety of high quality, comfortable, and budget-friendly men’s shoes such as:

  • Keen – exhibits quality craftsmanship and provides ultimate comfort
  • Harrold’s – sleek and stylish
  • Julius Marlow – matches any type of outfit, may it be casual or formal
  • Rockport – balances style, comfort, performance and durability
Why go to Newcastle Footwear for men’s shoes?

We understand that a man has a lot of things going on in his life. He has to balance work, family, and other personal matters that make it hard for him to pay attention to fashion. This is why Newcastle Footwear is open 7 days a week – so you can shop on a weekend.  The men’s shoes Newcastle Footwear offers suit most of men’s style