Sport Shoes

Being into sports is a way of life, and having the best pair of shoes for it matters!

Choosing the right shoes for your physical activity is important. Having the wrong pair of shoes can ruin a cricket game for you, or your first marathon can end up with aching and sore feet.

We at Newcastle Footwear understand this, and we have a wide range of sports shoes available for you to choose from. From local to international popular brands, Newcastle Footwear brings you quality shoes for your every sporting need.

What to look for in a good pair of sports shoes

Buying sports shoes go beyond its looks and colours. Wearing the wrong pair of shoes can harm and injure you. Here are the things to consider when buying yourself a pair of sports shoes.

  • Buying the right shoes for your activity; note that running shoes are different from walking shoes
  • Durability
  • Comfort; good shoes need no break-ins
  • Good fit
  • Authentic
  • Good quality
  • Flexibility
  • Fair price
  • Style and personality; remember that it never hurts to look good while doing your thing
Newcastle Footwear has the right sports shoes for you

Whether you are into running, basketball, hiking, football, tennis, or you are simply looking for shoes you can use when you hit the gym, Newcastle Footwear has the right pair for you. From Volley to Saucony, we have the sports shoes that you are looking for! Our sports shoes are available in kids, women and men sizes; we have a pair for every member of your family.

We are open seven days a week to serve you. Get that perfect shoes for your weekend game or for your son’s or daughter’s game next week!